About Me

          Think of me as a natural girl with a radiant smile and a feminine figure. The redhead of your dreams, my irresistible charm will breathe life into your spirit. I enjoy an understated yet elegant fashion and find that I look incredibly attractive in just about anything. I have a versatile style that celebrates my shapely figure in anything from casual day wear to alluring evening attire. I adore dressing up in lace and high heels but look every bit a dream in shorts and a t-shirt.

          Feeling a bit reserved? I completely understand! One of my best assets is a gentle, inviting temperament, a laid-back serenity that will calm your soul. My nurturing disposition finds intimacy in so many ways beyond the physical. Our engagement might begin with good conversation about that new project you’re working on. Or, it could be a business venture you’re launching that calls for a romantic rendezvous relaxing in a warm, candlelit bath as we toast over a glass of Pinot Noir.

          I’d love to share my nerdy side with you. Sometimes I get lost in a sci-fi series such as Star Wars or Doctor Who. Single location flicks and horror films like Exam or The Booth at the End really catch my interest . Anything about transhumanism intrigues me – imagine brain supplements that make you smarter. At any given time, my head is wrapped around two or three books.

          I make a lovely tour guide and would be thrilled to show you an evening of glittering entertainment up and down the Las Vegas Strip. I am always up for anything outdoorsy – hiking, rock climbing and camping to name a few.

          Do we sound like a match? I have created several companion packages that I think will appeal to you. See what feels right and reach out via my secure email, keeping in mind that screening is a must. And don’t forget to include some tasteful details about the man I am about to meet. I can’t wait for us to learn more about each other!


Alex Empire

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